How I Teach Social Media: A One-Page Guide to Digital Media Across Asia Reply


After three years, the time to redesign my Digital Media Across Asia course had arrived.  Early on I decided that if I could not articulate all the key points on a single page, then I probably did not have a clear idea of what I was asking our students to learn.  And if I could not clearly communicate what we should learn, then obviously I cannot expect students to independently fill in the blanks.  My planning processes led to the following document.

Now that the course is reaching its midpoint, I am happy to say that the new design seems to be working pretty well.  I am seeing some healthy conversations on Twitter and in Friendfeed.  The real test, however, will emerge after Chinese New Year and the midterm break.  I look forward to reading the reports which will wrap up what I am calling the Corporate Communication Challenge.

I am of course endlessly grateful to people such as Mitch Joel, who was so gracious to share ideas for the early lectures, and Jon Hoel who really helped encourage my podcasting activities through PR Junction (no longer in production).  Akanksha Goel gets full credit for diving head-first into our Digital Media Across Asia wiki.  Today, Shel and Neville at For Immediate Release encourage me to keep digging and learning through the weekly podcast reports, and all this is culminating in my research with the Society for New Communication Research.

And none of these relationships, experiences, and lessons would havew come about without the power of social media. 

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