Can You Live on Twitter Alone? 1


Asiajin blog describes a Japanese TV show based on this question.  The two month show has two commanders interacting with two comedians by Twitter alone. The comedians drive around Japan and somehow earn points by completing the tweeted tasks.  Toyota is a sponsor providing two Corolla, certainly a situation that might unfortunately invite jokes today.  The show is called Denpa Shonen 2010 and seems to be a revival of a popular show created in the 1990s.The rules, according to Asiajin, are:

  • You lose if you violate traffic laws.
  • You must cover all living expenses by Twitter.
  • No cash is allowed.
  • The team earning the most points will win.

New rules can be added anytime, so we are left wondering if someone can find their way through many different tasks relying on Twitter alone? 

If you know a bit of Japanese, you can follow the #denpa2010 hashtag on Twitter. In the end, nothing revolutionary here…just something that caught my eye in the Digital Media Across Asia pipe.

One comment

  1. Interesting, this reminds me a little of @twitchhiker, a charity project in which a Brit travelled the globe using only charity from Twitter

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