This Week on For Immediate Release: Kaiser Kuo Talks with Michael about Google in China Reply

This week on For Immediate Release (show #518) I speak with Kaiser Kuo about his views of Google in China.  We spoke last Thursday, January 14, the day after the now famous Google blog post appeared in the RSS feeds. 

Of course much has developed since then.  In addition to Kaiser’s always-engaging thoughts, a new article has appeared in the Wall Street Journal adding more complete thoughts about Google’s market position in China, access to Google .com in China (as opposed to, censorship of in China, and the low key government responses.  This is a good read, and seems to be very balanced in its perspective.

One thing that has struck me as I follow this story is the perspective of some bloggers in China.  I see a pattern.  Four years ago when Google went into China the justification was that some search was better than no search, an argument based on the underlying assumption that the Internet could be a liberalizing force.  We now see that such hopes did not come true and were, perhaps, rather idealistic.  Similarly, I see bloggers in China ranting about how companies like Google need China and that the Chinese market is the must-be place for a technology company to be. How could any leading company walk away from China?  Perhaps, again, rather idealistic.

This morning I have an interview with Channel News Asia about the subject, so stay tuned for details about when the Insight program will run on Channel News Asia.


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