Seven Links Discussing Google’s Stance Toward China Reply

Well, even though Haiti is getting some coverage today, my network is buzzing with discussions about Google’s recent blog post, the information about cyberattacks, and Google’s position that it does not want to filter search results in China. 

While I have just recorded an interview with Kaiser Kuo, which will be live on the For Immediate Release podcast in the near future (stay tuned!), here are a few links just in case you have been busy today.

New York Times story here

New York Times story that Google story censored in China found here

Forbes article here

Web2Asia blog here

Susie Wee blog here

Harvard Business Review’s story here

Difficult Problems in Cyberlaw (Harvard-Stanford course) here

[Update] Bernie in Ireland picks up the topic here

[Update] Bernard picks up the topic here

[Update] Chinasmack link here

As always the Interet is rushing forward with declarations of Google’s stupid move, inappropriate cross-culture approach, and such.  Rumors are already being retweeted…and retracted. Somehow, I doubt Google is stupid enough to pull a fire-ready-aim stunt with the Chinese government and world’s largest Internet market.  I don’t believe for one moment they would trade the smug satisfaction of moral righteousness for all the money that can be made.  For now, I am being patient and trusting that Google is as smart as I think they are.

Wait a minute.  Wasn’t I one of the guys who still thought Tiger was probably a good guy even after a second…and third mistress appeared?  Hmmm….

Just stay tuned and I will let you know when the interview with Kaiser is live.  Meanwhile, I will simply say that I too was tiring of China’s filtering antics.


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