CommunicateAsia: New and Improved Site is Re-launched Reply

I am pleased to announce that the CommunicateAsia blog is being re-launched after many months of inactivity.  So what can you expect from the new site?  While most of my online life is on Twitter and Facebook, I expect to post here maybe once a week as I:

  • share with you previews from the new book chapters I am writing about both corporate communication in Asia, and digital media.
  • offer book reviews and interviews from Asia which may interest communication pros like yourself.
  • post my weekly correspondent’s report to the For Immediate Release podcast (every Monday).
  • update the Digital Media Across Asia wiki and lead my class (COMM 215) at Singapore Management University.
  • reflect on recent events and current issues impacting the communication professions (especially the corporate communication function)
  • announce new episodes of Leadership Matters podcast with Professor John Davis in USA.
  • share experiences from my trips and talks around the region (e.g., Malaysia, Hong Kong, and more)
  • discuss anything that may be on my mind at the moment.

This last point really is the change behind this new blog.  While I have kept the communicateAsia brand, I really seek more freedom tow rite about whatever is on my mind and not just communication issues in Asia (though that will always be the main thrust of my work). 

Previous blogs have unfortunately gone down for various reasons ranging from ruthless Russian hackers to student organizations no longer hosting my original site for free.  Those posts are gone, and rather than spend my time figuring out how to get them back I have simply decided to host a simple, low-maintenance site at Posterous, link all my accounts, and proceed in a way that leaves me more room and flexibility to write about my thoughts.

Within the next 24 hours I hope to have the original URL working again, so stay tuned for that announcement.  And don’t forget to follow CommunicateAsia on Twitter, or add me at popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Linked In.

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